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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

♪♫ Electric Lounge #174 ~ Theme: Dinner and a Movie ~ No LP ~ No Soup ~ Local Spotlight: PHILM ♫♪

Dinner and a Movie - Lagwagon
Dinner And A Movie - Phish
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - Black Cross
Were Coming To Dinner - Guess Who
Dinner in the Morning - Death Piggy (GWAR)
Dinner For Two - David Byrne & St. Vincent
5-Piece Chicken Dinner - Beastie Boys
Sing For My Dinner - Keller Williams
Eat My Dinner (Horror Stories) - Dwarves
Kraf Dinner - Annihilator
TV Dinner - The Bags
TV Dinners - ZZ Top
Depression Day Dinner - The Dead Milkmen
Going To Dinner - John Zorn
The Black Tooth Supper Club - Gay Paris
Supper's Ready - Steve Hackett
Supper Time - Ardo Dombec
Last Supper - Rainbows Are Free
The Last Supper - Skanska Mord
No Bone Movies - Ozzy Osbourne
Dirty Movies - Van Halen
Porno And Snuff Films - The Lawrence Arms
Film Di Ripratoria - Hellebore
-------Local Spotlight / PHILM ---------
Exuberance - Philm
Symptom of the Universe - Philm
Harmonic - Philm
Dome - Philm
Fire From The Evening Sun - Philm
Omniscience - Philm
Corner Girl - Philm
Lion's Pit - Philm
Pivotal Film - Guided By Voices
From The Film Of The Same Name - Indian Summer
Silent Film - Dog Fashion Disco
Film-Maker - The Cooper Temple Clause
Fabio: On Films
It's just a Movie, Stupid - Psychostick
The Horrible Movie Song - The Four Postmen
Another Shit Movie - Haymaker
Horrible Movie Night Theme

Monday, January 5, 2015

♪♫ Electric Lounge #56.2 ~ An hour added to the original broadcast, just for fun! Enjoy!! ♫♪

Rubish Planet - Fear Of God
Wasted Time - Fear Of God
We Were On Heroin - Wasted Youth
Housewife - Wasted Youth
Stay With Me - Buffalo
Ángel - Buffalo
Children of Heaven - Sword
The Horned Goddess - The Sword
Visions of Hell - Avatar
Hail The Apocalypse - Avatar
*Hotel Room Service - Pitbull
Treading Water - Pitbull

Look for bonus song set here: https://www.mediafire.com/?orzvhbc5bs7in1j

* - Yeah, Not really!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

♪♫ Electric Lounge #173 ~ Theme: Scott and Stargazers Concert review of 2014 ~ No LP ~ No Soup ~ Spotlight Midnight and Radio Moscow ♫♪

Gong Song - Gong
Book 1: Page 6 - Fantômas
Spineless - The Melvins
Underline - Sahara Surfers
Lullaby - Greyskull Chapel
Waiting For Tomorrow - Modulo 1000
Dor e Dor - Tom Ze
Brand New Fear - Hellbenders
Get Out Of My Life, Woman - Allen Toussaint
No Mercy - L.A. Guns
No Remorse - Metallica
No, You Don't - Nine Inch Nails
Where Is My Mind? - Pixies
Beyond The Wheel - Soundgarden
Sabbath - Brad Mehldau
The Black River - The Sword
Escape from the Prison Planet - Clutch
He Knows You Know - Marillion
Tragedy's A' Comin - Primus
Car Seat God's Presents - Blind Melon
Transe - Violeta De Outono
Footstompin' Music (Grand Funk Railroad Cover) - Homem com Asas
Out of Control - Doro
Junkers Blues - Hugh Laurie
Better Living Through Chemistry - Queens Of The Stone Age
Spiritual Healing - Death
What Did He Say? - Victor Wooten
Can U Juggle - Devo
Indiscipline - Transatlantic
----- Local Spotlight -----
I Am Violator - Midnight
Screams of Blasphemy - Midnight
You Can't Stop Steel - Midnight
Endless Slut - Midnight
Evil Like A Knife - Midnight
I Just Don't Know - Radio Moscow
Stinging - Radio Moscow
Before It Burns - Radio Moscow
Frustrating Sound - Radio Moscow
Death Of A Queen - Radio Moscow
Wanna Love You All The Way - Muddy Brother
Pixielation - Gong

Find It Here: https://www.mediafire.com/?c48acfrh9s4m7j5

Friday, December 26, 2014

♪♫ Electric Lounge #172 ~ Theme: "Best" releases of 2014 ~ No LP ~ No Soup ~ No Spotlight ♫♪

Talk Shit, Get Shot - Body Count
Shooting To Kill - Psychic Sun
Gut Shot - Blood Farmers
Sense Of Fear - The Pineapple Thief
No More Tears - UCNX
The Last Judgment - The Skull
Game Over - Machine Head
Time To Die - Electric Wizard
Before We Die - The Devin Townsend Project
Another Day To Die - Overkill
Shred's Not Dead - Skull Fist
Beat Em Dead - Face on Mars
Living Dead - Corecom
Among The Living Dead - Iced Earth
Empire of the Undead - Gamma Ray
No Paradise for Me - Monster Magnet
Hostage - Carmel Apple Pop
Anything Goes - Lady Gaga/Tony Bennett
The Line - Deadpeach
I'll Be Back - Austrian Death Machine
Bruce Campbell - Psychostick
Iron Man - Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath
Deconstruction Mass - Merkabah
True Hallucination Speak - Cynic
The Professor & The Madman - Bigelf
Southeastern Voodoo Lab - Spidergawd
Caressing The Moment In Tranquilized Ecstasy - Barracuda Triangle
The Meaning Of It All/Back And Forth - Solar Project
Cynical To Mystery - Amaxa
Foil - "Weird Al" Yankovic
The Cult (Of Rock And Roll) - The Order Of The Solar Temple
Eternal Rains Will Come - Opeth
Swallow Me Up - Mount Carmel
Four Rivers - Abraxis
Up The River (Part 1) - Pig Eyes
Cry of the Ocean (Part 2) - Stubb
Salt the Wound (feat. Kirk Hammett) - Exodus

Find It Here: https://www.mediafire.com/?bbzcz460e1m1tv1

♪♫ Electric Lounge #171 ~ Theme: Leftovers ~ No LP ~ No Soup ~ No Spotlight ♫♪

The Headless Children - W.A.S.P.
Loss: Ghost Child - The Residents
Whatever (I Had A Dream) - Butthole Surfers
In Dreams - Roy Orbison
Evil Has No Boundaries - Slayer
Hell & Back - Judas Priest
A Quick One, While He's Away - The Who
Wild Wild Life - Talking Heads
Go Fuck Your Ass Off - Leæther Strip
Fuck Me - Vanilla Ice
The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy - Radiohead
The Motherload - Mastodon
The Miracle of Childbirth - King Missile
Born Annoying - Helmet
Mean Evil Child - F.U.2.
I Hate Kids - Pillow Biter
Don't Ask Me Why I Drink - Mojo Nixon
Into The Drink - Mudhoney
Drink - Toxic Narcotic
My Dad's A Fuckin' Alcoholic - Frantix
I Am an Alcoholic - NoFX
Alcoholic Coma - Sarcofago
If Drinking Don't Kill Me - George Jones
Another Body Murdered - Faith No More & Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.
Spirit In The Sky - The Squirrels
Wheel In The Sky - Journey
Wheel-Bound-Man - Mike Watt
Creature Of The Wheel - White Zombie
Ungodly Experiments - Danny Elfman
Cat Turned Blue - Rusted Root
Black Cat - Janet Jackson
Black Eyed Dog - Nick Drake
Dog Doesn't Bite - Tub Ring
Dogmatic - Obsidian
I Don't Need Your Kind - The Rockin' Vickers
Black And White - Greyhound
Last Before The Storm - Gamma Ray
Hard to Handle - Otis Redding
Heft - Fastway
Cult Of Personality - Living Colour
Fight Fire With Fire - Metallica
I Don't Fucking Care! - Aaargh!
Boa Noite - Quarto Astral

Find It Here:  https://www.mediafire.com/?2gywjg06xwegj8y

Saturday, December 13, 2014

♪♫ Electric Lounge #170 ~ Theme: Rockout Festival (+) ~ No LP ~ No Soup ~ No Spotlight ♫♪

Rock Out - Motörhead
Rock Out - Pantera
Rock Out - Art Ensemble of Chicago
Rockout Whatever You Feel Like - Cactus
Rock Your Heart Out - AC/DC
The Turkey Doctor - The Fantomas Melvins Big Band
The Bit - The Fantomas Melvins Big Band
Terpulative Guns Drugs - The Fantomas Melvins Big Band
Si Te Pillo, Te Mato - Como Asesinar a Felipes
Un Disparo al Centro - Como Asesinar a Felipes
Alto - Como Asesinar a Felipes
Sinatra - Helmet
Turned Out - Helmet
Vaccination - Helmet
Ella - Machuca
Furia Razon - Machuca
Inhumano - Machuca
Patti Smith Math Scratch - Thurston Moore
Wonderful Witches - Thurston Moore
Detonation - Thurston Moore
Despegar - Rama
Alguien Mas - Rama
Untitled 01 - Rama
Forgotten Principles - Melvins
The Green Manalishi (with the Two Pronged Crown) - Melvins
Sesame Street Meat - Melvins
Santo Remedio - Los Morton
Mandanga - Los Morton
Legaliza - La - Los Morton
Soul One - Blind Melon
2x4 - Blind Melon
For My Friends - Blind Melon
The Godfather - Fantômas
Cape Fear - Fantômas
The Omen (Ave Satani) - Fantômas
Demonio Parlante - Hielo Negro
Locomotora - Hielo Negro
Pilsoka Al Seco! - Hielo negro
Girl U Want - Devo
Be Stiff - Devo
Devo Has Feelings Too - Devo
Hollywood Boulevard - Los Peores de Chile
Amor y Mordisco - Los Peores de Chile
Piñatas - Los Peores De Chile
Mr. Know It All - Primus
The Heckler - Primus
Candy Man - Primus
14 botellas - 2 Minutos
Corazon - Dos Minutos
Tsunami -  Minutos
Ama Ama Ama Y Ensancha El Alma - Extremoduro
Standby - Extremoduro
Mi Voluntad - Extremoduro
You Know, You Know - Tommy Bolin
Instant Karma (We All Shine On) - John Lennon
Tell Me You Love Me - Frank Zappa
Fuck You - Damageplan

Find It Here: https://www.mediafire.com/?9eimjda6l92vcen

Monday, December 8, 2014

♪♫ Electric Lounge #169 ~ Theme: Drink, Drank, DRUNK!! ~ No LP ~ No Soup ~ No Spotlight ♫♪

Let's get drunk  - Drunkards
Let's Get Drunk - Dayglo Abortions
Lets Get Drunk - Antidote
Wanna Get Drunk! - The Wheelz
I Just Wanna Get Drunk - Close Combat
I Gotta Get Drunk - Willie Nelson
Daddy's On The Drink - Bruce McCulloch
Drunken Hearted Man - Robert Johnson
Moma's Drunk - The Amps
Tales Of Kidd Drunkadelic - People Under The Stairs
Drunk Sincerity - Bad Religion
Drunken Honesty - Vulnerant
Everybody's Drunk - Nine Pound Hammer
A History Of Drunks - Melvins
Losers, Boozers, & Heroes - fIREHOSE
Liquor, Beer & Wine - Reverend Horton Heat
One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer - Amos Milburn
Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers  - Motörhead
Blood, Guts & Beer  - Tank
Beer Muscles - Scatterbrain
Drink Fight Fuck - Beowülf
Beers, Drugs and Bitches - Viking Skull
Beer, Women and Sunflower Seeds - The Linus Pauling Quartet
Drunk and a Flirt - Metal Duck
Why Don`t We Get Drunk - Jimmy Buffett
You're Pretty When I'm Drunk - The Bloodhound Gang
Too Drunk To Fuck - Dead Kennedys
Only When I'm Drunk - Tha Alkaholiks
How's My Drinking? - Guided By Voices
Wasted Rock Ranger - Great White
Elegantly Wasted - INXS
Wasted White Boys - W.A.S.P.
Wasted In America - Love/Hate
Go To Work Wasted - NoFX
Wasted - Black Flag
Wasted - The Runaways
Wasted - Viper
Wasted - Def Leppard
Tony Gets Wasted In - Minutemen
Punch Drunk - Uncle Tupelo
Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong - Radiohead
Dead Drunk Screamin - Goliath
Bottom Of The Bottle - Spacefish
Life In A Bottle - Linda Perry
Drink That Bottle Down - The Brian Setzer Orchestra
The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me) - Tom Waits
Somebody Put Something In My Drink - The Ramones
Alcoholic Logic - Amy Winehouse
The Alcoholic - Chaos UK
Song for the Alcoholic - Betzefer
The Alcoholic Blues - Billy Murray
Alcoholic Mosh - Sex Trash
My Drinkin Problem - Hank Williams III
What Good Can Drinkin' Do - Janis Joplin
What's The Use Of Gettin' Sober - Louis Jordan

Find It Here:  https://www.mediafire.com/?5zjs9kjb5v1zc9b